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Welcome, we are Mark & Brenda Horst;

By trade, Brenda is a retired flight attendant with over 36 years of service to United Airlines. Mark has a few years yet to go before retirement but has been over 35 years in the IT industry.

The following is just a little peek at our lives and what has happened to us over the past years.

Heaven View Ranch Inc. (HVR), was established in August of 1995 with its original charter to raise, train, show, and sell high quality Llamas but we found it has turned into so much more.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed and were very successful with raising Llamas and the show circuit, it was quite a surprise to discover our true calling came through the turn of the century log cabins located on the ranch.

In September of 1999, through encouragement of some friends, we renovated the first of the two cabins on the ranch, we named Eagles Nest, and opened it up for vacation rentals and pastoral retreats.

Through this endeavor, we discovered abilities within us that we did not know existed. Working with kids, meeting special people, writing, interior decorating, and addressing marketing for the cabins were just some of the fun and rewarding things we found ourselves involved in.

We were so surprised that the Eagles Nest was successful and were almost in disbelief. The thought of doing more was exhilarating but we were hesitant as each step was like walking on thin ice.

Our friends and ongoing guests of the Eagles Nest said we had a gift to create places of refuge and that we should expand our business by doing more rentals and offering our services in the areas of property management, and interior decorating.

They continued to encourage us to renovate the 2nd cabin which is now known as the Antlers House which has proved to be equally as successful.

Although each step to expand our business is still like walking on thin ice we have moved slowly in that direction. We now offer vacation rentals in Kauai Hawaii, Green Mountain Falls Colorado, in addition to Arizona homes located at the Arizona Golf Resort, and Golf Club at Johnson Ranch.

We continue to find great joy in creating places for you to make those special memories and hope to be able to be a part of your next vacation in the near future.

Today, Heaven View Ranch Inc.(HVR) is that in name only. The Llamas, livestock and Ranch are no longer part of our lives due to a back injury. HVR has become the umbrella for other ventures each of which involves meeting special people like you.

We hope to hear from you soon to either help provide that special place for a memorable vacation, or to provide quality property management.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Heaven View Ranch Inc. now!